Aji P.

Age: 18, Hometown: Seattle, WA

"Our federal government has not been held accountable for their gross failure to protect the life and the future life on this earth, forcing us children to take drastic actions to procure the needed motivation in order to save life on this planet."

As The Planet Magazine wrote about him, Aji "seems like a typical teenager, until he starts to speak on issues ranging from climate systems to social justice and education policy." Aji's love for the earth began growing up in Port Orchard, WA, at the end of a half mile dirt road. His mother raised him in connection with Buddhism and herbalism, and when Aji was 12 he joined Plant for the Planet, a youth-run organization that has planted 14 billion trees worldwide. Now a member of the Earth Guardians RYSE Council, Aji has spoken at numerous rallies, events and universities, and even began a lawsuit against the Department of Ecology in Washington before joining the #youthvgov federal case.

Kelsey speaks outside the US Supreme Court, April 27, 2017. Photo: Robin Loznak

Aji and his fellow #youthvgov plaintiffs outside their March 2016 court hearing. Photo: -amw, Flickr