Photo: Arjun Almekinders

Photo: Arjun Almekinders


April 2015

The Belgian nonprofit organization Klimaatzaak (Climate Case Belgium) initiated a climate change lawsuit against the governments of Flanders, Wallonia, Brussels, and the Belgian federal government demanding all measures necessary to ensure that Belgium makes the contribution needed to prevent a warming of the earth that is dangerous to humanity.

Although Belgium is at the forefront of setting ambitious climate targets, the lawsuit asks the Belgian government to back up their words with actions, and to accelerate the transition to a prosperous, fossil-free society, so that future generations of Belgians will be able to live in safety and prosperity.

Our Children's Trust partner and Belgian attorney Serge de Gheldere is a co-founder of Klimaatzaak. He is also the founder and CEO of Futureproofed.

Our Children's Trust partner and Dutch attorney Roger Cox is legal counsel for Urgenda and Klimaatzaak.

Read the joint blog post describing the Belgian case by Roger Cox, Julia Olson, and Serge de Gheldere, Judges Can Save Us From Climate Change, And They've Already Started