Jaime Butler

Age: 18, Hometown: Flagstaff, Arizona

"I'm disappointed in my government. Things are continuing to get worse, with more and more people being impacted by climate change. When will the U.S. government pay attention and stand up for our lives?"

Jaime is of the Tangle People Clan, born for the Bitterwater Clan, maternal Grandfathers are the Redhouse Clan, and paternal Granfathers are the Toweringhouse Clan. She grew up in Cameron, Arizona, on the Navajo Nation Reservation. In 2011, Jaime and her Mother had to move from Cameron to Flagstaff because of water scarcity. Jaime and her extended family on the Reservation remember times when there was enough water on the Reservation for agriculture and farm animals, but now the springs they once depended on year-round are drying up. Jaime also sees firsthand the cultural and spiritual impacts of climate change, as participating in sacred Navajo ceremonies on the Reservation is an important part of Jaime’s life, and climate impacts are starting to harm the ability for Jamie and her tribe to participate in their traditional ceremonies. Since she was four years old, Jaime has been working to protect the earth. Beginning in elementary school, Jaime wrote letters to President Obama about her concerns for the environment. In 2011, she filed a lawsuit against the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality, also supported by Our Children's Trust.

"TRUST: Arizona" shares some of Jaime's story of suing the State of Arizona.