Photo: Robin Loznak

Photo: Robin Loznak

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Kelsey Cascadia Rose Juliana

Age: 23, Hometown: Eugene, Oregon

"I believe that climate change is the most pressing issue my generation will ever face, indeed that the world has ever faced. This is an environmental issue and it is also a human rights issue."

Kelsey of Eugene, Oregon, has engaged in climate activism since age 10. When she was 15 she co-filed a lawsuit, with the support of nonprofit Our Children's Trust, against the Oregon State Governor, asking for a climate emissions reduction plan and to protect the atmosphere under the public trust doctrine. By 16, Kelsey was a trainer and organizer for the Sierra Student Coalition’s organizing camp. At age 18 Kelsey participated in the Great March for Climate Action, marching 1,600 miles from Nebraska to Washington, D.C. urging climate action from world! In 2015, at 19, she submitted a Constitutional Climate Change lawsuit alongside 20 other youth against the United States Government. She has represented #youthvgov work of Our Children’s Trust at film festivals, classrooms, rallies, conferences, and throughout the US and internationally. Her background also includes work with iMatter,, Greenpeace, and Earth Guardians, and she was recently recognized as an addition to the collection of American's Who Tell The Truth. Kelsey is an undergraduate student at the University of Oregon in Eugene and aspires to be a teacher.

Kelsey speaks outside the US Supreme Court, April 27, 2017. Photo: Robin Loznak

Kelsey speaks outside the US Supreme Court, April 27, 2017. Photo: Robin Loznak