Photo:Bashir Aden

Photo:Bashir Aden

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Vic Barrett

Age: 20, Hometown: White Plains, NY

"Climate change isn't just about temperatures and weather, it's about people. Our earth will be here for millennia, it's up to us to decide if humanity will be too."

Vic is from low-lying land in New York, which is threatened by rising sea levels and more frequent storm surges, and has felt firsthand climate impacts in the form of Hurricane Sandy, when his home lost power and his school and local transport shut down. Vic is a Fellow with the Alliance for Climate Education, and traveled to Paris to attend and speak at the COP21 UN Conference on Climate Change. After marching in solidarity with more than 400,000 people at the People’s Climate March in New York City, he organized his peers in local frontline climate campaigns, met with the Minister of Environment and Energy for the Maldives, and met with former U.S. astronaut, Kathryn D. Sullivan, who now serves as the Administrator for NOAA. He spoke at the United Nations headquarters in New York City for the High-Level Thematic Debate on Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. He cares deeply about climate change, justice, and human rights, especially regarding the ways climate change affects young people like him.

Victoria speaks outside the U.S. Federal Court in Eugene, OR. Photo:  -amw, Flickr

Victoria speaks outside the U.S. Federal Court in Eugene, OR. Photo: -amw, Flickr