Photo: Charles (Chuck) Peterson

Photo: Charles (Chuck) Peterson

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Our Children's Trust helped Idaho youth and partners take important action toward achieving scientifically adequate emission reductions in the state. The rulemaking petition referenced below was part of our strategically coordinated national effort in which youth filed official actions in every state in May, 2011.

This rulemaking petition filed on behalf of Idaho youth raised awareness in the state about the scientific remedies necessary to address climate change and educated state officials about their duty to protect the atmosphere. But, the petition was denied by state officials. We are now shaping our next steps in Idaho, and are also supporting youth from around the U.S. in the landmark climate lawsuit against the entire U.S. federal government.


June 29th, 2011

The Idaho Board of Environmental Quality denied the youths' petition for rulemaking.

May 4, 2011

A petition for rulemaking was filed against the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality on behalf of Idaho youth.