Photo: Paul VanDerWerf

Photo: Paul VanDerWerf


September 28, 2016

Maine Youth File Climate Rulemaking Petition

Following in the footsteps of their peers from across the U.S., 164 young people latest to demand their State fulfill its Constitutional Duty to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions

A group of Mainers submitted a climate change petition for rulemaking to the Department of Environmental Protection and the Maine Board of Environmental Protection. The petitioners – 216 registered voters, 164 young people, and the organizations 350 Maine and Earth Guardians – are requesting that the state carry out it’s constitutional and public trust obligations and implement an effective CO2 and GHG reduction strategy based on the best climate science. Failure to implement such a strategy, petitioners claim, would be detrimental for their survival. 

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August 5th, 2011

The Department of Environmental Protection denied OCT’s petition for rulemaking.

May 4th, 2011

A petition for rulemaking was filed with the Maine Department of Environmental Protection on behalf of youth.